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Plumbers' Success International Expo

NEW Industry-Altering Business Tools!
Not only will the hotel and its surroundings make for an awesome Expo, so will the incredible new content that will be shared! You will receive tools that will help you generate more sales, save more money, and become wildly profitable!

Every Expo is packed with an incredible amount of new information that's geared towards helping you cut costs, generate more revenue, and become more profitable.
Network with Your Fellow Members from All 4 SGI™ Groups!
Of course, the greatest benefit of attending Expo is getting a chance to reconnect, interact, and network with your fellow members! This is your chance to discuss topics, issues, challenges, and successes with other likeminded contractors! By drawing upon everyone's input, you can expand your knowledge of the industry and the business as a result, you'll become far more successful!

Expo brings together some of the top plumbing contractors in North America for three days of intense training, networking, brainstorming while they're presented with the absolute latest profit-building tools and strategies guaranteed to provide them with a competitive edge in their marketplace.

Expo is offered twice a year to members of PSI™ and is held in some of the most remarkable resorts and hotels in the most desirable cities in the country, offering an ideal setting to learn, have fun, explore, and discover how to build a better business.

The event consists of several key parts:

Success Academy® Day
Success Academy is the award-winning training company that is exclusive for PSI members. Thousands of managers, technicians, sales professionals, call takers, and dispatchers have attended their classes leading to increased sales by the hundreds of millions of dollars. During Expo, always on a Wednesday, you have the opportunity to enjoy a daylong, in-depth training session on the most relevant and vital topics occurring in the contracting industry today – absolutely for free!

Vendor Showcase
Every Thursday evening of Expo, dozens of the biggest and most recognizable manufactures and suppliers in the contracting industry converge on Expo for the Vendor Showcase. These are your vendor partners. You'll enjoy complimentary drinks and food while meeting with their representatives and discovering how you could save thousands of dollars on the materials and supplies, many of which you're already using today, by taking advantage of their incredible discounts and rebates.

Expo Sessions
Expo is three power-packed days of new-age business strategies, the latest industry trends, and profit-enhancing tools being revealed to the PSI membership. Often some of the most successful independent plumbing contractors in North America will take the stage to reveal intimate details of their companies and explain precisely how they're generating record-setting results even in the most stagnant of economies. The information shared always on the Thursday and Friday is guaranteed to give members an advantage over their competitors.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities
One of the greatest benefits of attending the three-day PSI Expo is the chance to talk with hundreds of plumbing contractors from across the country. You all share one great thing in common: You're all success-minded. Throughout the three days at Expo, you can interact with your fellow PSI members to discuss your challenges and share your victories. You'll leave with insight on how to overcome some of the greatest obstacles in your business – because no problem is a new problem. And you'll return home with a list of strategies to implement in your company, as well as with more than a few new friends who you can call for advice or just to say hello.

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